Episode 24: The Smallest Falcon (ft. Deb Williams)

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Kestrels may be small, but they have plenty of attitude to survive and thrive in most of North America. Naturalist Deb Williams joins host Nicole Brown to dive into some fun stories and facts about the smallest falcon in North America.

Pictured here is the Great Plains Nature Center's own kestrel enjoying some outdoor enrichment!

Learn More:

All About Birds is Cornell Labratory's premiere source of everything well, birds! Check out their American Kestrel page for more information on these awesome raptors. eBird is also a great resource to see where they have been spotted near you (hint: probably everywhere). 

Ultraviolet Light


There's a lot more to light than what humans can see, and many animals like insects or birds can see into the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. For birds like the American Kestrel this is helpful in tracking down rodents as the rodent's urine actually reflects UV light and leaves a trail right to them.


The kestrel's wide diet is part of what makes them such good survivors. They can even take small snakes or birds, not just insects!