Kansas Wildlife Exhibit

Our partner in Riverside Park

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit contains over 25 different species of native mammals, reptiles, and birds in eight displays.

Feedings are every day at 12 p.m.

Wichita's Original Zoo

Kansas Wildlife Exhibit

Located in Central Riverside Park at 700 Nims, the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit features exhibits with a modern, naturalistic design which ensures the health and comfort of the animals.

Opened in 1988, it continues a long tradition of zoos at that location.  There has been a zoo in one form or another on the site since 1901. Many of the animals kept at the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit are used by the staff at the Great Plains Nature Center in programming.  Thousands of children and adults who might otherwise never get the chance have seen these animals up close through such programs and by viewing them at the exhibit.

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit is centrally located about a mile northwest of downtown Wichita.  There is no admission fee and it is open year-round.


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Kansas Wildlife Exhibit

Todd Volkmann

Exhibit Caretaker

Todd oversees the care and maintenance of the animals and exhibits at the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit on behalf of the City of Wichita. Feel free to reach out, and be sure to follow the Facebook Page.