Chisholm Creek Park

Chisholm Creek Park is one of the largest parks in Wichita. It has habitats that are representative of most of the major habitat types in the Great Plains. It is managed by Wichita Park & Recreation as a Wichita Wild Habitat Area, to optimize and maintain the diversity and quality of the habitat, complementary to the educational mission of the GPNC. In its 282 acres are 2 1/2 miles of paved trails which cross native and restored prairies, wetlands, ponds, and woodlands. All these trails are accessible.


Photo by Bob Gress

In Chisholm Creek Park may be found at least:


• 125 species of wildflowers

• 38 species of trees and shrubs

• 20 species of mammals

• 160 species of birds

• 21 species of reptiles and amphibians

• 13 species of fish



In order to preserve the natural features of the area, certain regulations are in place.  Please respect the park and keep it a good home for wildlife in Wichita.

Pets, bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades are prohibited on the nature trails but are allowed on the bicycle path. Ice skating is prohibited in the park.

• Harassment or capture of animals is prohibited.

• Collection of plants, seeds or flowers is prohibited.

Fishing is allowed only in two areas:

1. Island Pond, downhill from the nature center. Artificial lures only, all fish caught must be released.  Fishing is not allowed from the bridges within the wetland area, nor anywhere east of the west bridge.

2. Chisholm Lake, on the north side of K-96. Please observe posted regulations.

A valid Kansas fishing license is required for all anglers age 16 and up.

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