Episode 8: Single Dad Spin Cycle (ft Rachel Roth)

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Rachel holding a handful of baby phalaropes

In a world of birds, one single father stands above the rest. His name? Phalarope. Phalaropes are the best for two reasons, and yet GPNC bird nerd Rachel managed to talk about them for over an hour. Are we surprised? (No.) Nicole and Rachel talk gender roles, manic spinning, and throw lots of shade at Pixar. Enjoy.

Shorebird nests!!!! Here is a lovely ancient video I took out in Chase County, KS.

This is the UPLAND SANDPIPER (cue wolf whistle). You can see her carefully hidden nest, her square cheese wedge (??) eggs, and her broken wing display.

- Rachel

Close-up of four tiny fluffy baby phalaropes in a hand.
A handful of baby phalaropes (photo by Rachel)
Someone holds a baby phalarope with its GIANT foot sticking out so she can put a band on its leg.
A baby phalarope getting her jewelry. Look at that LEG. (Photo by Rachel)
A father phalarope anxiously watches his babies get their measurements taken only a few feet away.
Phalarope dad watches his babies while the humans work on them.
try spinning

Please drop what you're doing and watch this video of dizzying Wilson's Phalaropes. These are the ones you can find IN KANSAS!! Take a fall excursion to Quivira National Wildlife Refuge PRETTY PLEASE.