Episode 19: Shorebirds (ft Allan Saylor)

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Naturalist Allan talks about shorebirds and seabirds, their amazingly dangerous migration, and his adventures in getting pooped at.

Shorebirds? Seabirds? Allan is a fan! Here he is building an exclosure around a nest to keep out gulls, dogs, and more.

A characteristic “broken-wing” display used by many species of plovers. Good acting!

Broken wing
Wilson's Plover

A Wilson’s Plover at her first chick of the season, standing (and teetering) not long after hatching. The precocial chick already looks like a fuzzy mini-plover.


It’s kind of tough to pick out where the plover is in this picture. They do a great job of keeping a low profile and blending in with the sparse, pebbly/sandy substrates they like to nest in.

Piping Plovers

A pair of Piping Plovers settling into a scrape! The male plover, on the left,  has a darker band and brow, which is the case for all plovers.

Piping Plover Gress

A close up of the Piping Plover from our own Bob Gress.