Episode 6: Puffballs (ft. Lyndzee Rhine

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Look at this nerd. She loves fungus. All fungus. For this episode, Lyndzee Rhine focuses on one "type" of fungus... the ever-pleasant puffballs. Buckle up, you're in for spore-covered coaster ride and it's about to get fungal.

Not all puffballs are big, round, and bald, some are shaped like upside-down pairs and are covered with beautiful spikes. Theses spikes will eventually turn brown and break off, revealing the precious cargo it once protected... the spore mass. When it rains (or somebody pokes it), a cloud of spores will puff out like a little brown cloud. That brown cloud consists of thousands of microscopic spores that are destined (if they're lucky) to find the perfect environment to lay down some mycelium and grow into a new fungus.


One of Lyndzee's fungal heroes is Tom Volk, click the link above to see his silly side.