Episode 15: PhotosyntheYES (ft Tyler Newman)

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Have you ever thought about how cool photosynthesis is? If you haven't, this episode is about to change that. Tyler Newman from Wichita State University nerds out with Lyndzee about his favorite... photosynthesis.

**A note from Tyler:

Quick correction I said spongy parenchyma and palisade parenchyma but plant cells in the leaves are traditionally called mesophyll.  Also, I might’ve said it was PEPC that cleaves the CO2 off malate in the bundle sheath but it actually can be different depending on the plant doing the C4. I learned it as malate dehydrogenase but honestly, the cleaving enzyme is not necessarily all that important when it comes to learning photosynthesis as long as you know what happens. Also, I might have said vascular bundle sheath cells which isn’t necessarily incorrect but again traditional terminology refers to it as bundle sheath cells.

Here are some wonderful, helpful links for more information about photosynthesis, C3, C4, and CAM.