Episode 21: Plant Native! (ft. Brad Guhr)

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Naturalist Nicole Brown is joined by Brad Guhr of Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston Kansas for a nerd session on why native plants are awesome. Tune in for information on prairie restoration from large scale projects to your own native garden in your backyard.

Plant Highlights

A few recommened plants for your garden from the pros.


Butterfly Milkweed

The orange blooms of butterfly milkweed add a splash of color in a compact size as well as a place for monarchs to raise their young.

Photo by Laura Mendenhall

Little Bluestem

Our state grass, and beautiful in landscaping by adding height and color with wonderful red hues in fall. It is also the host plant for many skipper butterflies.

Photo by Scott Vogt, Dyck Arboretum

Golden Alexander

Great in shade, the Golden Alexander is full of color and texture. It is also one of the host plants to Black Swallowtail butterflies.

Left: Black Swallowtail larva in different stages of growth. Right: young larva showing off its stinky, sticky osmeterium.

Want to learn even more about native plants? We got you covered.

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