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It's morel season! Lyndzee talks about where you can find them and how to identify them along with other edible species and fun mushroom facts.


Morel mushrooms

True morel mushrrom

in half

Morel cut open to show it is hollow inside.

Another good identification tip is that the base of the cap is attached to the stem.

False morel


False morel, Gyromitra

This is the false morel, Gyromitra. There are a few species of  Gyromitra that can be found in Kansas but they generally look like this. Remember, to tell the difference between a true morel and a false one, simply cut it in half. The true morel will be hollow throughout, like the picture above and the false morel will have flesh inside that is chambered (or has holes in it.)

Photo 4

Gyromitra cut in half to show the inside flesh and chambers.

Other edible mushrooms

wood ear

Wood ear or tree ear, Auricularis sp.


Oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus

Poisonous mushrooms


The vomiter, Chlorophyllum molybdites

For a list of mushroom poisonings and their symptoms

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