Episode 13: Lumpers and Splitters (ft Jean Aycock)

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Jean Aycock with her alpaca

This time, hosts Rachel Roth and Lyndzee Rhine are joined by former Kansan Jean Aycock who worked at the Wetlands Education Center and has LEFT US for Mississippi. We still love her, and her love for interpretation. Join us for this exceptionally nerdy trip down Taxonomy Lane. This is our first attempt at long-distance podcast recording, so please excuse us as we work out the kinks!

Lumpers & Splitters

Jean's further reading on taxonomy and phylogeny.

. The scientific study of the "species problem" has been called microtaxonomy

William Goodenough was appalled by Linnaeus’s “disgusting names, his nomenclatural wantonness, vulgar lasciviousness, and the gross prurience of his mind”

A pair of recent studies have found coyote (Canis latrans) hybrids carrying a high percentage of red wolf DNA in areas where the wolf hasn’t been seen for decades