Episode 1: Screaming Toads (ft Emily Davis)

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Emily Davis holding a Plains Leopard Frog

Hands-down, frogs and toads are Emily's favorite. Host Lyndzee Rhine gets all the warty details from KDWPT and GPNC Naturalist Emily Davis in this episode of That's My Favorite. Who doesn't love grabbing jumpy frogs, getting peed on, and startling toadish screams?? We sure do!

Woodhouse's Toad recording by Keith Coleman:

Chest bumpin' frog fights.
Chest bumpin' frog fights.

Want to get involved with frogs and toads in your area? Join Frog Watch USA! Find your local chapter and see how you can contribute to actual amphibian science.

Our local chapter is run by the Sedgwick County Zoo, and we've been through the training to do surveys here at GPNC, so get in touch with us if you want to go out listening for amphibs with us.

frogs are watching you