Episode 5: Don't Lick Deer (ft Allan Saylor)

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Allan's Face

Naturalist Allan Saylor is fascinated by a genuinely spooky topic: wildlife diseases. With werewolf myths, the actual zombie apocalypse, and flesh-eating fungi, we obviously had to release it a week early for Halloween. Buckle up for these ever-changing, horrifying ecological challenges that Allan loves.

zombie dear from Train to Busan

Happy Halloween! The zombie deer from Train to Busan is obviously coming to get you.

- Allan

Book recommendation!

"Rabid: A Cultural History of the World's Most Diabolical Virus" by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy, for an entertaining and detailed look at rabies, the inspiration behind much of our werewolf, vampire, and zombie lore. It's pretty horrifying. Our local libraries have it!