Nature Journal Club (1)

Second Saturdays of the Month

9am - 11pm

free, no rsvp


Nature Journaling isn’t about making pretty art. It’s about sitting down with nature, looking closely, and deepening your curiosity about the world around us. You don’t have to be a naturalist or an artist, but you might become both.

Each Nature Journal Club meetup will include group exercises and lessons led by a GPNC Naturalist, followed by on-your-own free journaling time.

Bring your own sketchbook and drawing instruments.

For more information, contact Rachel Roth ( or join our Nature Journal Club Facebook Group.

This program series is intended for adults and older youth (14+), but anyone with a sincere interest in nature journaling is welcome to attend.

Recommended Supplies

> Anything you like to work with! (Seriously.)

If a lesson involves special materials, GPNC will provide it.

  • A Nature Journal

    Your nature journal can be a sketchbook, graph paper pad, watercolor journal, a fancy traveler's notebook... anything.

  • A Writing Instrument

    Choose your weapon(s), and don't feel like you have to stick to one thing or buy fancy supplies.

    My favorites are a ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil with blue lead, and waterbrushes (with a travel palette of 8 watercolors).

    Make sure your supplies are compatible. Some pens smear when exposed to markers, water, etc.

2019 Club Schedule

If the weather is bad, we will journal in the observatory or classroom.

  • January 12

    9 - 10: Sketching Birds

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • February 9

    9 - 10: Making a Visual Collection

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • March 9

    9 - 10: Field Marks (Detailed Observation)

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • April 13

    9 - 10: TBD Exercises

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • May 11

    9 - 10: TBD Exercises

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • June 9

    9 - 10: TBD Exercises

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.

  • August 10

    9 - 10: TBD Exercises

    10 - 11: Free journaling time.