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Demonstrate Your Commitment to Environmental Conservation by Sponsoring Art on the Trail at the Great Plains Nature Center

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Event Sponsorship gives corporate partners our highest level of visibility for your organization. By sponsoring Art on the Trail you will help sustain and expand the conservation and nature education programs provided by the Great Plains Nature Center. In 2022 alone, we provided nature education programs free of charge to over 58,000 students and 11,395 "at-risk" youth.

We're committed to providing free nature education programs that change lives at the Great Plains Nature Center and contributing to the quality-of-life residents enjoy in Wichita, KS.



Art on the Trail Event Description:

Stroll through nature trails at the Great Plains Nature Center, purchase a glass of wine from Grace Hill Wineries, and watch as more than 25 Wichita artists let their creativity flow. Each artist will create original art, live, throughout the park. Meet, greet, and enjoy! This interactive, outdoor event is designed to appreciate the beauty of native Kansas wildlife. Appreciate nature, art, and community during the golden hour sun from 4PM to 7PM at the Great Plains Nature Center on Saturday, October 14th.



Art on the Trail Sponsors will receive:

  • Inclusion in our event marketing campaign at your chosen sponsorship level
  • Logo on our website homepage, online promotional materials and invitations
  • Drink tickets at Art on the Trail for your chosen sponsorship level
  • Our Online Reach Connects With Thousands of Individuals in Kansas and Beyond

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