Senior Wednesday

What is Senior Wednesday? Senior Wednesdays are informational and entertaining sessions designed for active seniors. 12 Wichita institutions collaborate to offer these programs, including the GPNC.

Senior Wednesdays at the GPNC feature refreshments and guest speakers. Our Senior Wednesdays are completely free.

Learn with us on the 5th Wednesday of each month.

Light refreshments at 10 am

Program begins at 10:30 am

January - March 2020

January 29, 2020

Jurassic Lark: Why Birds Are Dinosaurs

From brooding behaviors to pneumatic bones, the similarities between modern birds and dinosaurs go well beyond feathers. In the last two years huge leaps in research and hundreds of new fossils continue to paint a picture of ancient birds that blurs the line between "avian" and "non-avian." Rachel will explain why dinosaurs still exist; they simply took to the sky.

Rachel Roth is the Great Plains Nature Center's resident bird nerd who got hooked on all things feathered while studying Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation Biology at K-State.

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