Pollinator Party

Saturday, September 14

10 am - 2 pm

FREE, registration not required

girl and mural cropped

The Pollinator Party will bee of interest to all ages! In addition to hands-on, kid-friendly activities, this event includes a chance to...

  • Taste honey! Honey is literally nature’s nectar touched by the magic of bees.

  • Build your own solitary bee hotel!

  • Learn about native plants and creating a pollinator sanctuary

  • Meet a beekeeper and see a hive in action

  • See how humans can take actions to make sure that declining pollinator populations thrive again

  • Wear wings, put on antennae, and bee complimented for simulating flying motions and making bee sounds


Solitary Bees Are the Sweetest

Solitary bees are loners and do not form colonies like honeybees. These bees build nests in hollow wood, cracks in rocks or structures, or holes in the ground. Most solitary bees are harmless. Males do not sting, and females often do not bother defending a nest.

These bees are vital pollinators and have become popular with gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

You can build a "bee hotel" for solitary bees during Pollinator Party or construct a bee house!