naughty nature (1)

Tuesdays, June 18 - August 6

7pm - 8pm

at Headshots Bar & Grill, no admission fee

Leave the kids at home and have a drink: we're gonna talk nature unfiltered. Hop down the street to Headshots Bar & Grill, where GPNC naturalists Todd, Lyndzee, and Rachel will talk about sex, alcohol abuse, anatomy, violence, and other R-rated tales from the adult side of nature.

Nature is weird and wonderful. Geek out about it with us.

Content Not Suitable for Children

This event will contain discussions about topics that may be inappropriate for children. Viewer discretion advised!

Schedule of Events

Unless noted otherwise, these presentations are at Headshots Bar & Grill.

  • June 18: Naughty Nature

    The naughty side of nature and the romantic lives of animals.

  • June 25: 🐓 & 🐈

    Naughty animal anatomy in all its strange glory.

  • July 2: Drunks & Druggies

    Animal drug and alcohol use/abuse

  • July 9: Plants are Naughty too, We Swear

    The secret life of plants.

  • July 16: Nature is Metal

    The violent side of nature.

  • July 23: Animals are Heckin' Gay

    Natural sexuality.

  • July 30: Get Stuffed

    Taxidermy and dissection

August 6: Final Farewell

  • 7pm @ GPNC - Kama Sutra: Animal Edition

    Begins at 7pm in the Great Plains Nature Center auditorium

  • 8pm @ Headshots - Naughty Nature Trivia

    Migrate over to Headshots Bar & Grill for some Naughty Nature Trivia to wrap up the program series. Hope you attended all of our programs! We'll be handing out prizes to the winning team.