Nature Chatter

live online connections for K-12

GPNC's Nature Chatters are about connecting you with the outdoors online and making new discoveries! Naturalists answer YOUR questions about different topics in these weekly LIVE conversations about natural science.

These Chatters are designed for K-12 classrooms and home school groups, but everyone is welcome! We have recommended age groups for the topics based on your classroom standards, but that's only a guideline.

Schedule of Live Events

Oct. 2nd


Animals see the world much differently than we do. What do we know about how they explore their surroundings? What is life like for creatures living in the dark, or in the ocean, or in the ground?  Join the Naturalists and share your curiosity about animal senses, from jackrabbit ears, to eagle eyes, to coyote noses and beyond!

Oct. 9th


Are you fascinated with flight? Obviously, YES; it’s probably the best superpower. This week, The Naturalists will discuss the mysteries of flight, and the many incredible creatures that have taken to the skies throughout time. What flies farthest, fastest, or with the most finesse? When and why did flight evolve? Bring us all of your loftiest questions about Earth’s aerial animals.

Oct. 16th


For something we do 20,000 times a day, getting air can be surprisingly complicated. Imagine if you had to live deep underwater, or fly over mountain tops... finding enough oxygen would require some incredible adaptations! Take a breather with The Naturalists this week for a chat over nature’s amazing array of hearts, lungs, and more.

Oct. 23rd


Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re not a part of the ecosystem! Death and decay are key to many natural cycles. In this creepy Halloween sit-down with The Naturalists, we’ll uncover how lively nature can get after life ends. Let’s talk about everything you want to know about scavengers, decomposers, diseases, and more.

Oct. 30th


Why are the leaves falling? Where are all the birds going? What happens to all the bugs when it gets cold? A lot of things are changing outside as we move from summer into fall and winter. Submit your questions and team up with The Naturalists to explore how plants and animals prepare for the shifting seasons.

Nov. 6th


We may not think about it too much outside of the bathroom, but in the animal world, poop is EVERYTHING. What secrets are buried in a pile of droppings? What animals look to fecal matter as a food source? How important is poop for an ecosystem? The Naturalists are here to give the lowdown on dung and answer your scatological questions.

Nov. 13th


With anywhere from 5 to 100 million species on Earth, the tree of life has A LOT of branches. How do biologists figure out which organisms are related? What does it take to discover a brand new species? Are moose and whales distant relatives or close cousins? See if you can stump the Naturalists as we delve into the confusing science of taxonomy.

Nov. 20th


We all know better than to litter, but we humans still contaminate our environment in unexpected ways. How do aerosol sprays end up in polar bear hair? How does birth control end up in fish? What do bombs, bullets, and nuclear waste do to animals? Ask anything you want about pollution and The Naturalists will help illustrate the complex effects we have on this planet.

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