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Flora & Fauna

Every Thursday in June & July

1 - 2 pm

FREE, registration not required

flora and fauna

Flora & Fauna's Interactive Guide to Natural Curiosities

Enter the kingdoms of plants, animals, and fungi! Flora and Fauna will be your guides through the natural world in this weekly interactive auditorium series.

Expect activities, songs, and hands-on fun with nature.

Ages 13 and Under

Schedule of Topics

Flora (Lyndzee) and Fauna (Rachel) will present each week, sometimes with special guests.

  • June 6: Poop

    All about scat

  • June 13: Songs that Don't Suck

    Nature has some crazy songs, and some of them don't even use music.

  • June 20: Slow Motion Movers

    Nothing actually sits still, you just need to speed it up.

  • June 27: Kansas Dinosaurs

    Pteranodons, American cheetahs, snails, ichthyosaurs, and other creatures live deep in our Kansas rocks!

  • July 3 (WEDNESDAY): Ch-ch-changes

    Everybody goes through changes! Let's talk about that.

  • July 11: An Ocean of Locomotion

    Animals move! Animals groove! They dance, they jump, they spin.

  • July 18: Smol, Wild, Freakishly Cute

    Nature's babies.

  • July 25: Don't Hold Your Breath

    How do fish breathe? How is bird breath like dinosaur breath? Do trees breathe? 

  • August 1: Butterfly Wings and Colorful Things

    Colorful feathers, black & white fur, UV flower landing strips. Why is nature so colorful?