Creature Feature Summer Break

Creature Feature will be back in September, but check out these other summer programs:

Nature Adventures, Mondays @ 1pm

Flora & Fauna, Thursdays @ 1pm

Nature Adventures

We'll put the spotlight on a new wild topic each month. Programs usually last 40 minutes.

Creature Feature meets in the Coleman Auditorium.
FREE. All Ages. No registration

  • October 1:

    Eye Shine with Deb Williams, CIG

  • November 5:

    Peregrine Falcon with Rachel Roth, CIG

  • December 3:

    Camouflage and Mimicry with Nicole Brown, CIG

  • January 7:

    What Animals Do in Winter with Amanda Alessi, CIG

  • February 4:

    It's All About Defense (Defense Mechanisms) with Emily Davis

  • March 4:

    National Wildlife Refuge System turns 116 years old with Lori Jones, USFWS

  • April 1:

    Awesome Opossums with Rachel Roth

  • May 6:

    Call it a Comeback! (Wildlife Success Stories) with Todd Volkmann