Bio Blitz

What is a Bio Blitz?
We're taking a wild census of the species that live in the park! Birds, wildflowers, insects, snakes, mushrooms, spiders, you name it. Wildlife won't turn in surveys, so it's up to us to turn over rocks, sweep the grass with nets, and arm our eyes with binoculars to find out who lives in our park.

TL;DR: Take pictures of animals & plants!

Children must be accompanied by a participating adult.

2019 Bio Blitz

When: Saturday, August 31 ▸ 8am - 12pm

Where: Chisholm Creek Park (Great Plains Nature Center)

Why: For science! (and fun)


How to Bio Blitz

  • Download iNaturalist

    Onto your smartphone or tablet. You might set up your account ahead of time.

  • Take a Walk on August 31

    Explore on your own, or join our group of experts!

  • Take Photos of Animals & Plants

    Plants, mushrooms, footprints, trees, scat, turtles; start recording your observations using the app! 

    Please include multiple photos in each observation! We want to see leaves, bark, flowers, fruit and other identifying features (thorns, eye spots, antennae, etc.)

  • Submit Your Observations!

    If you don't know what it is, don't worry; our naturalists will review all submissions and identify it for you.

Beginning at 8am, we'll meet in the parking lot and head into the park! Greeters in the parking lot will help you find the group.

Take Only Pictures

Do not remove any flowers, animals, or fungi from the park.

Our wild targets:


Look around logs and wood chips!


Bring your own binoculars, or borrow ours.

Reptiles & Amphibians

You may get a little dirty.

Insects & Butterflies

Butterfly and sweep nets provided.


Forbs, bushes, trees!


Fishes and invertebrates. Nets will be involved. You might get wet!

** Please: TAKE ONLY PICTURES. Do not remove any plants, fungus, or animals from the park.