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© Eileen Horn

Common Name: Snow-on-the-mountain

Scientific Name: Euphorbia marginata

Family: Spurge

Longevity: Annual

Height: 1 - 3 feet

Bloom Period:
July August September


Description: Single stems are branched at the top. Leaves are oval shaped, alternate on the stem and smooth. Flowers are small, white and surrounded by petal-like, white-margined bracts.

Comments: Considered weedy, Snow-on-the-mountain can be controlled by good range management practices. When picked or damaged, a milky juice flows from the plant. This substance can cause dermatitis and swelling. This sap is reported to cure warts. Cattle will not eat the plant, which is toxic. Snow-on-the-mountain is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental. It grows wild statewide in pastures and on roadsides, especially on disturbed sites.