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Long-flower Butterfly-weed

© Iralee Barnard

Common Name: Long-flower Butterfly-weed

Scientific Name: Gaura longiflora

Family: Evening-primrose

Longevity: Annual

Height: 2 - 6 feet

Bloom Period:
August, September, and October


© Iralee Barnard



Description: Erect, slender stems are branched above. Alternate leaves are elliptic in outline. Tubular, 1-inch flowers are white, becoming pink as the blossoms age.

Comments: On tall stems, flowers have the appearance of butterflies floating in the breeze. Gaura is from the Greek meaning, “stately.” Long-flower Butterfly-weed is pollinated by moths. It grows in the eastern one-third of the state along roadsides and in rocky, open prairies. Another common species, Velvety Gaura, has soft, wavy-edged leaves and small, rose-pink flowers.