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Illinois Bundleflower

© Iralee Barnard


Common Name: Illinois Bundleflower

Scientific Name: Desmanthus illinoensis

Family: Bean

Longevity: Perennial

Height: 2 - 4 feet

Bloom Period:
May and June



Illinois Bundleflower Pods
© Iralee Barnard


Description: Stems are erect, branched and bushy. Alternate leaves are 2-4 inches long with many tiny, lance-shaped leaflets. Small, white flowers are crowded in spherical heads near the ends of the stems.

Comments: Illinois Bundleflower tolerates a wide range of soil conditions but is most common in moist soil statewide. The dark-brown, curved seed pods twist together forming a showy cluster. The pods stay on the plant into winter after the leaves have fallen. Bundleflower seeds provide high quality food for Northern Bobwhites, Greater Prairie-Chickens and other wildlife. This plant is a range condition indicator and is seldom seen in grazed pastures because of high palatability to livestock. It is locally abundant along roadsides and in ungrazed prairies.