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Heath Aster


Common Name: Heath Aster

Scientific Name: Aster ericoides

Family: Aster

Longevity: Perennial

Height: 1 - 2.5 feet

Bloom Period:
September October



Description: Stems are thin, wiry and branched. Narrow, alternate leaves are ½-1 inch long. Masses of tiny, white, daisy-like flowers cover the plants late in the year.

Comments: Aster is the Greek word for, “star.” Heath Aster is the most common and hardiest of all the native asters. The tiny, daisy-like flowers are set so close together they look like white plumes. Heath Aster is palatable to livestock during early growth but becomes tough with maturity. Flowers are visited by a variety of wasps, bees, flies, beetles and butterflies. Heath Aster is found statewide on prairies, pastures and roadsides.