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Flax-leaf Stenosiphon

© Doug Wirtz


Common Name: Flax-leaf Stenosiphon

Scientific Name: Stenosiphon linifolius

Family: Evening-primrose

Longevity: Biennial

Height: 3 - 6 feet

Bloom Period:
August and September


Description: Slender, erect plants are woody near the base. Leaves are narrow, about 2 inches long and often fall before flowering. Slender branches spread outward and are tipped with short clusters of white flowers.

Comments: The small bundles of delicate flowers, swaying in the breeze on nearly invisible stems, seem to defy gravity. At a distance, the bouncing, white flowers sometimes resemble popcorn popping. This is the only species in the genus of Stenosiphon. Its range includes five states in the central U.S. and northern Mexico. It is found on dry, rocky prairies throughout most of Kansas.