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Annual Broomweed

Photo by Nancy Goulden

Common Name: Annual Broomweed

Scientific Name: Amphiachyris dracunculoides

Family: Aster

Longevity: Annual

Height: 1.5 - 2.5 feet

Bloom Period: August, September, October


Description: Stems are single, woody at the base and branch freely at the top. Leaves are ½-2 inches long, narrow and drop early. Masses of tiny, yellow flowers cover the top of the bushy plant.

Comments: Broomweed is an excellent dye plant. By using different mordants, four strong colors result: rich brown, lemon yellow, vibrant orange and clear green. Few dye plants produce so many unique hues. As a pasture plant, Annual Broomweed is regarded as a weed. Cattle will not eat it and can get eye inflammation from the pollen. Large stands are often indicative of heavy grazing. Annual Broomweed is found on dry, disturbed, upland soils mostly in the eastern two-thirds of Kansas.

Photo by Nancy Goulden