Arkansas River Speckled Chub

Photo by Garold Sneegas
used by permission


Common Name:Arkansas River Speckled Chub

Scientific Name: Macrhybopsis tetranema





Dark Blue = Counties with designated critical habitat
Light Blue = Historical records




Federal Status:

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Comments: The Arkansas River speckled chub (a.k.a., Peppered Chub) is restricted to the upper Arkansas River drainage inhabiting shallow channels over clean sand. This fish is gone from 90 percent of its former range and exists as two disjunct remaining populations; one of these is in Kansas. The habitat for this fish has been lost due to dewatering, pollution and dams that fragment long stretches of streams and inhibit dispersal. A relatively transparent-appearing fish with dark speckles on its back, it grows to 3 inches long. Two fleshy barbels at each corner of its mouth aid in touch and taste. Spawning occurs after a sharp rise in stream flow when water temperatures are above 70° F. The eggs drift downstream with the strong current.