Field Trips

Bring your group to the Great Plains Nature Center

  • COVID Program Update

    Due to concerns over the spread of the Delta variant, Great Plains Nature Center is not currently accepting in-person field trip or outreach requests for Grades K-8.

    Our staff is working to make virtual alternatives available as soon as possible.

    High School Aquatic Education Field Trips & Outreach will continue as planned for the time being.

Let's explore nature!

Visit Great Plains Nature Center with your students and reinforce classroom concepts with an authentic experience.

Our field trip programs Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Using our museum, our animal ambassadors, and the lovely trails of Chisholm Creek Park, our field trips are inquiry-based adventures designed to excite and foster a sense of awe for the natural world.

Planning Your Trip:

  • We offer transportation grants to offset bus costs.
  • The length of the program will depend on the grade level.
  • Rain or shine, we’ll still go outside. Students should be dressed appropriately. Exceptions are made in the case of lightning or other dangerous weather, then an alternative program will take place indoors.
  • Program dates fill up quickly, so the sooner you schedule, the better. Dates scheduled are first come, first served. Please select a date for your visit that is at least two weeks from the date you submit your request.

Field Trip Selection, 2021-2022

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Learn how we impact nature, w/ paper-making, recycling, and more!


3rd Grade

Marvel at migration and the journey for survival!

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1st Grade

Observe how animals use their incredible senses!


4th Grade

Study amazing adaptations in the plant and animal world!


2nd Grade

Discover how plants spread through pollination!

Crane Trip 7_7

5th Grade

Explore how scientists help the Earth, and what we can do too!


Middle School & High School

Aquatic Education Field Trips