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Sharp Hornsnail

Photo by Steve Cringan
used by permission


Common Name: Sharp Hornsnail

Scientific Name: Pleurocera acuta

Federal Status:

State Status:




Dark Blue = Counties with designated critical habitat
Light Blue = Historical records

Comments: The sharp hornsnail can be found in the lower Marais des Cygnes River where it burrows in sandy or leaf-littered substrates. Dwelling under shallow, sheltered pools, this snail feeds on algae, diatoms and detritus. It was documented in 1955 in the Walnut River. The sexes are separate and reproduction occurs at approximately 2 years of age. Females lay eggs in spring in masses of various size and shape. Maximum life span is estimated to be 4 years. The shell of the sharp hornsnail is elongated and thick. It can measure over an inch in length, but is narrow in diameter (3/8 inch at widest). There are 9-11 whorls marked with a variable banded shell pattern. The sharp hornsnail is a gilled snail and cannot tolerate nutrient pollution that lowers the available oxygen supply in the water.