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Eastern Glossy Snake

Photo by Suzanne L. Collins

Common Name: Eastern Glossy Snake

Scientific NameL Arizona elegans


Size: Length in Kansas up to 46 1/4 inches


Kansas range map for the Eastern Glossy Snake

Range:   Generally found from Sumner County in the east to the Colorado border in the west in areas of sand or loose soil between the Arkansas River and the Oklahoma border; isolated colonies in Gove and Cheyenne counties.

Description:   Harmless. Smooth scales. As its name implies, this snake has an overall glossy appearance. Its body displays 39–69 dark gray or brown, black-edged blotches on a light gray ground color and sports a white belly. A dark line extends from the angle of the jaw through the eye on each side of the head. Young look like small adults.

Habits:   Active at night from April to October; during the day it prefers to retreat beneath rocks or into burrows to escape heat and predators. Breeding occurs from May to July; an average of eight eggs are laid per clutch. Constrictor. Feeds on lizards and small rodents.