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Silver Chub

Photo by David Ostendorf

Silver Chub

Macrhybopsis storeriana

Federal Status: None

State Status: Endangered

Dark Blue = Designated critical habitat
Light Blue = Historical records

Comments: The silver chub is a 2005 addition to the Kansas endangered list. It’s considered a big river chub because it lives in large, sandy rivers. In Kansas, it’s found in the lower Arkansas, Ninnescah and Missouri rivers. Once common in the Kansas River, there are no records since 1980. The large eyes and mouth barbels of the silver chub are adaptations for finding food by either sight or smell in clear or turbid waters. The silver chub lives on or near the bottom of the river where it feeds on insects, plant seeds and small mollusks. In Lake Erie, it is known to feed heavily on the exotic, invading zebra mussel. Large reservoirs, predators and competition have contributed to the decline of the silver chub. It can reach 9 inches in length but most are 4-5 inches long.