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Redspot Chub

Photo by Garold Sneegas

Redspot Chub

Nocomis asper

Federal Status: None

State Status: Threatened

Dark Blue = Designated critical habitat
Light Blue = Historical records

Comments: The redspot chub closely resembles the hornyhead chub but occupies different drainages. In Kansas, the redspot chub is found in the Spring River basin while the hornyhead chub is found in the Marais des Cygnes River basin. Unlike the male hornyhead chub that has tubercles only on its head, the redspot chub will also develop them on its sides. The red spot behind the eye is prominent in the male and also present in adult females. Nests constructed by redspot chubs are also used for spawning by other species of fish such as the Southern redbelly dace, cardinal shiner and Ozark minnow. This chub will reach 5-7 inches in length. This fish is restricted to small portions of southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri where it primarily inhabits streams in the Ozark uplands.