Slender Walker Snail
Photo by Steve Cringan
used by permission

Slender Walker Snail
Pomatiopsis lapidaria

Federal Status:

State Status:

  • Range: Kansas range map for the Slender Walker Snail
    Dark Blue = Counties with designated critical habitat
    Light Blue = Historical records
  • Comments: The slender walker snail is a habitat specialist. It is found only in one Atchison County marsh that is fed by artesian flows. Due to the rarity of this type of habitat in Kansas, this snail is considered endangered. The closest known colony is in Missouri. The isolated population is vulnerable to man-made and natural events such as pollution or severe droughts. This snail measures just 1/4 inch in length and can live up to 2.5 years. The sex ratio is about three-fourths female. The slender walker is considered an amphibious snail and will lay eggs on wet sod. Its omnivorous diet consists of both plant and animal matter. The quantity and quality of groundwater is critical to the continued existence of this organism. Its presence is an indication of healthy groundwater conditions.

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