Sturgeon Chub
Photo by David Ostendorf
used by permission

Sturgeon Chub
Macrhybopsis gelida

Federal Status:

State Status:

  • Range: Kansas range map for Stugeon Chub
    Dark Blue = Counties with designated critical habitat
    Light Blue = Historical records
  • Comments: The sturgeon chub is well-adapted to large, turbid rivers like the Missouri. These adaptations include small eyes and external sensory bumps (papillae) that help it locate food. A ventrally located mouth is welladapted for taking invertebrates off the river bed. A short gut reflects this staple diet of mostly aquatic insects that are easily digestible. The sturgeon chub’s original range was reduced by nearly half due to changes in the Missouri River. This chub is relatively short-lived (4 years) and does not reproduce until it reaches its second year. These fish are rarely seen or reported.

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