Sicklefin Chub
Photo by David Ostendorf
used by permission

Sicklefin Chub
Macrhybopsis meeki

Federal Status:

State Status:

  • Range: Kansas range map for Sicklefin Chub
    Dark Blue = Counties with designated critical habitat
    Light Blue = Historical records
  • Comments: This fish gets its name from the sickle-shaped dorsal fin. It inhabits deep, muddy waters of large rivers and has very small eyes and pale coloration. A pair of fleshy barbels at the corners of its mouth aid in finding food. Like other big river fish, it has been on a serious decline because of changes due to impoundments, channelization and regulated flow. It has been reduced to about half its global range and in Kansas is only found in the Missouri River with occasional records from the lower Kansas River. Surveys on the upper Missouri found this species still reproducing where habitat is intact.

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