Pink Smartweed

Pink Smartweed
Pink Smartweed
 James Leiker

Pink Smartweed
Persicaria bicornis


Family Buckwheat
Longevity Annual
Height 2 - 4 feet

Bloom Period

March April May June July August September October
  • Description: Stems are smooth with many branches. Dark green leaves are 2-4 inches long, -1 inch wide and taper toward the tip. Small, pink flowers are clustered at the tips of the branches.
  • Comments: Smartweed fruits are produced in great quantity and are an important food for waterfowl and other wildlife. The pungent plant juices can irritate skin and eyes, causing a smarting sensation, which is the derivative for their common name. Another name is “knotweed” because of the swollen joints along the stem. Smartweeds are food for the larva of the bronze copper butterfly. There are 18 related smartweed species in Kansas. Some of them have white flowers. Pink Smartweed grows in moist soil at pond margins, old buffalo wallows and in disturbed soils of wet ditches. It is found statewide.

Pink Smartweed
 Iralee Barnard

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