Long-beard Hawkweed

Long-beard Hawkweed
Long-beard Hawkweed
 Iralee Barnard

Long-beard Hawkweed
Hieracium longipilum


Family Aster
Longevity Perennial
Height 2 - 3.5 feet

Bloom Period

March April May June July August September October
  • Description: Stems are upright, unbranched and covered with long, soft hairs. Large, oval leaves with conspicuous long, spreading hairs are crowded at the base of the stem. Tightly packed flower heads, borne at the top of wand-like stems, are pale yellow.
  • Comments:   Hawkweed begins growth early in the spring. Rosettes of hairy leaves can be found in prairie hay meadows as early as March. Hawkweed leaves are a welcome sight when most other prairie plants are still dormant. The long hairs covering the leaves are soft to the touch. Hawkweed is never found in masses; instead, plants are widely scattered among the prairie grasses. Long-beard Hawkweed is found in the eastern half of the state on upland prairies.

Long-beard Hawkweed foliage
 David Welfelt

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