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  July 2000 Nest Visits

July 10, 2000 -
Only two left to fledge!

The final two nestlings were still in Nest 8 when we checked it.   They will be leaving the nest very shortly.  The new egg in Nest 5 was buried under nest material, and has probably been abandoned.  The colony is still a popular place for the Purple Martins.  They go in and out of the nests and perch on the frame when not out foraging.  Within the next few weeks, they will form large flocks with other colonies of Purple Martins in preparation for their migration south.  Wichita has traditionally had some sites where these large flocks - numbering thousands of birds - roost for the night.

A new egg in nest 5!
Close-up of leg band and egg.
Nest 5 - July 3, 2000      Photo by Jim Mason

July 3, 2000 -
Nest 5 has another egg!

We were surprised to find a new egg in Nest 5 when we opened it to band the only nestling it has produced so far.   The egg can be seen under the nestling's foot in the close-up.  (Notice the band on its leg.)  This mother had three bad eggs in her clutch.  Is she going to try again?  Double-clutching would be very unusual but maybe this mother wasn't satisfied with only one baby!

Our colony has produced 29 young this year.


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