Ground Snake
Photo by Suzanne L. Collins
Used by permission

Ground Snake
Sonora semiannulata
  • Size:   Length in Kansas up to 14 5/8 inches.

Kansas range map for the Ground Snake

Range:   Found in southcentral and southeastern Kansas, with an isolated colony north of the Arkansas River in Russell County.
  • Description:   Harmless. Smooth scales. A variably patterned snake; some are a uniform gray or reddish-brown while others may have from 1–25 black crossbands. Belly cream or white. Young are miniature adults with equally variable pattern, but are more brightly colored.
  • Habits: Active from April to September; prefers to stay beneath flat rocks and in earth cracks on rugged hillsides; may be nocturnal. Breeding occurs in May or June; from 4-6 eggs are laid in late June or July. Never bites. Feeds on spiders, scorpions, centipedes and various insects.

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Text: Joseph T. Collins & Suzanne L. Collins
Photos: Suzanne L. Collins & Bob Gress
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