Grooved Flax

Grooved Flax
Grooved Flax
 Iralee Barnard

Grooved Flax
Linum sulcatum


Family Flax
Longevity Annual
Height 1 - 2 feet

Bloom Period

March April May June July August September October
  • Description: Stems are erect, slender, woody at the base and branched at the top. Leaves are narrow and sharply pointed. Funnel-shaped, five-petaled flowers are yellow and loosely grouped at the tips of the branches.
  • Comments:   “Grooved” refers to the longitudinally-furrowed branches. Petals fall from the flowers with only slight disturbance. A closely related species of Linum is cultivated as a source of linseed oil and fiber to make linen cloth. Grooved Flax is avoided by livestock because of its bitter taste. It has been used medicinally for several ailments including stomach distress, skin problems and as a topical astringent to treat burns and ulcers. Grooved Flax is widely distributed on uplands primarily in the eastern half of Kansas.

Grooved Flax
 David Welfelt

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