Dotted Gayfeather

Dotted Gayfeather
Iralee Barnard

Dotted Gayfeather
Liatris punctata


Family Aster
Longevity Perennial
Height 1 - 2 feet

Bloom Period

March April May June July August September October
  • Description:   Several erect, stiff stems arise from a single, woody base. Narrow, gland-dotted, pointed leaves are numerous and spread along the stem. Densely crowded rose-purple flowers are produced in small, cylindrical heads at the ends of the stems.
  • Comments: Dotted Gayfeather is common on shallow soils nearly statewide. The flowers hold their color well when picked early and dried for winter bouquets. Gayfeather species are used by florists and are available from nurseries for home gardens. This deep-rooted plant is nutritious and palatable to livestock during early growth. It decreases in abundance on heavily grazed pastures. A closely related species, Rough Blazing-star, has button-like flower heads along the spike and is found only in the eastern half of Kansas. 

Dotted Gayfeather
Chris Hase

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