Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flower
Cardinal Flower
 Kristen Hase

Cardinal Flower
Lobelia cardinalis


Family Bellflower
Longevity Perennial
Height 2 - 4 feet

Bloom Period

March April May June July August September October
  • Description: Plants are erect and without hairs. Alternate leaves are lance-shaped with toothed margins. Tubular red flowers are two-lipped. The upper lip is two-lobed and the lower lip is three-lobed.
  • Comments: Although some parts are poisonous, this plant was used medicinally to treat nervous disorders, convulsions and asthma. The Cherokee used the roots to expel worms. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is an important pollinator. Cardinal Flower is found nearly statewide and grows on wet hillsides, in draws or near running water. Blue Lobelia, a close relative with dark blue flowers, grows in similar open, wet habitats.

Cardinal Flower
 David Welfelt

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