Brown Snake
Photo by Suzanne L. Collins
Used by permission

Brown Snake
Storeria dekayi
  • Size:   Length in Kansas up to 16 inches.

Kansas range map for the Brown Snake

Range:   Found throughout Kansas except the High Plains.
  • Description:   Harmless. Scales keeled. Color can vary from light yellowish brown, gray, reddish-brown, to dark brown. Light gray or brown stripe down center of back, bordered by two rows of black, brown or dark gray spots. Belly can be creamcolored, pinkish or yellow. Top of head is dark, with two large black spots on either side of neck behind angle of jaw. Young look like adults, but are darker.
  • Habits:    Prefers moist environments of forests, woodland edge, swamps and floodplains. Active late March-October, breeds in spring or fall and gives birth from late July-September to an average of 12 young per litter. Feeds on earthworms, slugs and land snails. Blunt heads and elongate teeth allow Brown and Redbelly Snakes to extract the body of land snails from their shells.

    Other Kansas snakes with lengthwise stripes

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Text: Joseph T. Collins & Suzanne L. Collins
Photos: Suzanne L. Collins & Bob Gress
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